D.A.S. Installation

Distributed Antenna System. SystemsSome quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the content of the card.

Fiber Optic


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Device installation

Tv’s, Acess-Point (WIFI), cameras, printers, VOIP telephones, computers, laptops, servers, storage device, iCloud, external hard drive, NAS network storage,

Telecom - Networking

Network & Telecommunication Management. Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card’s content.

Pim & Sweep Testing

We use Anritsu Site Master to conduct PIM & sweep testing, system tests for D.A.S projects.

Structured Cabling / Wiring

Data, telephone & coaxial installation (“Drops”, “Runs”) for Access-point, computers, registers, Server racks & ect. Cat-3, Cat-5, Cat-6 Cable. Coaxial, Ground wire,

Data Collection /Heat Map

We use our sophisticated equipment to check your prescribed area for signal coverage of Wifi signal, Cell Signal 5G 4G, Lte, 3g and compile the information and give you a map showing the results.

Site Setup/ Install & Decomm / Relocating

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Some of our additional services include:

  • Consultation, site survey. weekly project meetings,
  • ( 1080 px, 4k px, 8k px photo , video and live stream project coverage.
  • Conduct weekly/ Monthly in-person / onsite / Video Conferences,
  • Video tours, geolocation Photos, Augmented Reality Project Builds, drone aerial shots,
  • Research and development to provide more efficient solutions to tasks at hand.
  • Project logistics ( equipment order tracking, inspections photos. spreadsheets, Quality assurance, onsite/remote safety monitoring, and enforcement).
  • Blueprint validation, (As build to specs)
  • DAS Projects installations, Upgrades, Pim and sweep testing, Troubleshooting, Service Calls,
  • Inventory and keep track of tools and equipment on-site daily (GPS tags when applicable). 
  • Equipment asset tag and inventory. (making sure every equipment is in the right location, asset tagged, product name model number and serail number added to database.)
  • Equipment safety, and quality control.relocate and charge all scissors lift.
  • The projects final redline
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