Washington D.C.
New Hotel
06/2021 –02/2022

Full D.A.S system installation on a new Construction 6-floor hotel in Washington D.C.

3G, 4G, LTE &5G



Gather all project information and put together employee schedules, timesheets, assignments, tasks.
Work onsite with the team daily to understand and assist with tracking all work progress, task, and project assignments.
Work with the Project Manager to develop a comprehensive project workflow process for the project.
Monitor/ modify project schedule as needed and Maintain document control & database management,
Track project activities, respond to all data requests, attend all project meetings and then submit meeting notes to necessary parties.
Oversee safety management System with hands-on all aspects of D.A.S. installation which included:
fiber installation, fiber termination, fiber testing, coaxial installation, coaxial termination, use Anritsu to conduct PIM & sweep testing, system tests. install/mount indoor and outdoor antennas, install/mount splitters & loads, install/mount radios 4G &5G,